The best Black Friday 2018 phone deals at Best Buy, Walmart, and more

Black Friday is a great time to shop for phones, but unless you’re buying an unlocked phone, you have to keep one thing in mind: there are almost always strings attached. You have to activate a new line, or be slowly reimbursed the money, or trade something in to get nearly every one of these deals.

That’s frustrating, but it isn’t always as bad as it sounds. If you’re happy with your carrier, or if you planned to open a new line anyway, these confusing terms could very well work out.

And it’s a good time to be shopping, too. Basically all of the year’s flagship phones came out in the last few months, so you can get deals on some of the best devices out there before they’re at all out of date.

Here’s what you can find at the big stores…

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