Blizzard is reportedly making a Warcraft-themed take on Pokémon Go

While much of the response to Diablo Immortal was less than enthusiastic, Blizzard remains optimistic about mobile gaming — and according to a report in Kotaku, has another potentially gigantic project up its sleeve. An “incubation department” at the studio is said to be working on a Warcraft mobile game that’s heavily influenced by Pokémon Go.

Lead designer Cory Stockton, also of World of Warcraft, is apparently a huge Pokémon fan, and Kotaku’s report says that many Blizzard employees play Pokémon Go competitively at the campus on a daily basis. The Warcraft project, however, is said to have “a lot more to it” than Pokémon Go and will include single-player elements.

There aren’t many details otherwise — the news was buried in a lengthy,…

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