Vergecast roundup of new Google Assistant features

Our Vergecast CES 2019 coverage continues with part two of our roundup show. Dami Lee and Dan Seifert join Nilay and Dieter to discuss a range of gadgets from a laundry-folding robot to gaming PCs. There’s also some talk on the various new products and features with Google Assistant, as well as the continuing fake 5G drama.

2:05 – Tim Cook says Apple will “announce new services this year”

8:02 – Google’s plan to take on Alexa: new features, new devices, and a Trojan horse

9:25 – We finally heard Google Assistant work on Sonos speakers

12:01 – Google Assistant’s new interpreter mode can translate conversations — but it’s not magic

15:06 – Google Assistant is coming for your car with new hands-free voice control from Anker and JBL


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