We finally heard Google Assistant work on Sonos speakers

After months of promises and a missed deadline, we finally had a chance to see (well, hear) how Google Assistant will work on Sonos speakers. In a luxe suite in Las Vegas, Sonos and Google ran us through the features (and limitations) of saying “Hey Google” to a Sonos Beam and Sonos One.

The early version we saw is in a very limited beta (on the order of a “few thousand” people), and it had a few bugs. Those will surely get worked out in the beta, and if you’re here to find out when the beta will end and Sonos will finally ship Google on its speakers, they’re not willing to commit to a date.

Still, it works. You can do all of the typical Google stuff: ask questions, set reminders, trigger video playback on a Chromecast, those sorts of…

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